Planning to climb up on a house ✝o calcula✝e ✝he roof square foo✝age by hand?


Use Technology

Gone are the days of daunting on-site measurements, now you can get a professional roof measurement report, with the latest technology, quality aerial imagery, satellite images and roof wizard software.
SKY ROOF MEASURE helps companies digitize their workflows and deliver a superior customer experience.


Smart Decision

We help you optimize and eliminate the wastage of time and money. Sky Roof Measure is able to remotely measure roofs and provide comprehensive reports within 1 business day.
For some files you can get an overnight turnaround giving you the advantage of bid earlier.

Pricing Plans

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Ins✝an✝ Squares

Quick And The Most Economical Solution For Estimating Roofing Projects.

Roof Squares With Predominant Pitch Factored.Outlined Roof Perimeter.

2 Hrs* Or Less Typical Turnaround.


Us Dollors

808✝ Infini✝y

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Residen✝ial repor✝

Ideal For Estimating Siding Replacements Or Exterior Wall Repairs.

Detailed 3D Sketch Analysis & Critical Dimensions.

1 Business day* Or Less Typical Turnaround.


Us Dollors

808✝ Infini✝y

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Who are we?

Sky roof measure is an aerial roof measurement company set out to help homeowners, Insurance adjusters, roofers, and construction companies in lowering their overall cost and to get the most accurate roof measurement report with meticulous details.

Our team of young and highly trained technicians makes sure that you receive reports that are comprehensive, customized, and precise. We are committed to bringing satisfactory results for our clients through our explicit and unerring reports. We use the best new technology drones and satellites to get images and measurements of the roofs.

Our Features

By choosing our service you will have following advantages.

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Life Saver

Risk Free Solution
Eliminate the risk (accident) caused from climbing a ladder for roof measurements.Increases safety and no risk of injury.
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Do More bids

Quick and Easily
By creating a preliminary bid before you go out to the property, you'll be able to save time in the field.
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Detailed and On-point Reports
Get your reports customized with your logo and other desired details to empress your clients and add value to your company.
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Save on Fuel, Money

We Measure for You
Reduce project estimation cost by 50% and more. Analyze your property without filling your gas tank.