How do I estimate the cost of a metal roof?

Divide the length of your roof by the width of the metal. In our example we will use 24-inch standing seam roofing, so we will divide 360 inches by 24, which equals 15. This is the number of metal panels needed for one side of the roof.

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

With that in mind, a metal roof will always be more expensive than shingles. … For example, an architectural shingle roof (the most commonly used shingle) will cost around $4.76 per square foot, while a standing seam metal roof will cost around $15.00 per square foot.

How much does it cost to put a metal roof on a 1700 square foot house?

These metal panels cost between $1 and $2.50 per square foot for the raw materials, or between $5.50 and $11.50 for materials plus installation costs. For a 1,700-square-foot roof, the total metal roofing cost comes out to about $9,350 to $19,500.

Is a metal roof better than a shingle roof?

Metal roofing is durable and routinely lasts 2-4 times longer than shingles. Homeowners like the idea of buying only one more roof in their life instead of potentially several. Metal roofing outperforms shingles in cases of hail and other severe weather events. 

How to calculate metal roof cost? Metal roof formulas

Although our metal roof calculator will do all the work for you, we understand that you may feel more confident if you know how to carry out the calculations yourself. Here are detailed instructions on how to calculate metal roof cost on your own.

  • calculating roof area based on roof measurementsroof length * roof width = roof area
  • calculating roof area based on footprint measurementsfootprint length * footprint width * roof pitch multiplier = roof area
  • calculating panel areapanel length * panel width = single panel area
  • calculating number of panels to buyroof area / panel area = panels needed (rounded up)
  • calculating the cost of buying the panelscost of a single panel * number of panels = total expenses

Average Cost of Metal Roof Installation

Once you have the materials, then you need to actually install your roof – or more accurately, have it installed by a team of professional roofers.

The costs of installing your metal roof will vary depending on your location, your property, and the type of roof that you are installing, but installation costs are important to account for since they will affect the total price of your new metal roof.

Metal roofing tends to be more expensive to install than asphalt or wood shingles since it is not simply nailed to the top of the roof but rather built on top of a breathable synthetic underlayer, prefabricated trim, fashioning, and requires the installation or customization of pipe boots and roof vents.

This of course increases the overall cost of materials as well as the expertise necessary to do the job – roofers in your area or metal roof contractors who can handle metal roofing with the appropriate skill tend to be on the higher end, cost-wise.

Also, keep in mind that smaller orders of metal roofing material (or any other roofing material) tend to cost a bit more per square foot than larger orders.

Ordering through your roofing contractor can be one way to save on your new roof since they likely have the connections to buy at a bulk rate or can get an industry discount.

Another important factor to consider when you are pricing out metal roofing is the sustainability aspect; while metal roofing might be initially more expensive than other materials, it may last longer and you might not require many metal roof repairs or be less likely to require a total replacement than other types of roofing materials.

Plus, metal roofing can often be the most energy-efficient selection, saving you money on heating during the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

How Much Does a New Metal Roof Cost?

Low Estimate
$5 – $8 / sqft
Average Cost Estimate
$12 – $18 /sqft
High Estimate
$15 – $30 /sqft
Type of Roofing MetalCorrugated PanelsShingles / Standing SeamStone Coated / Standing Seam
Metal Gauge or Thickness29 Gauge26 – 29 Gauge24 – 27 Gauge
Surface CoatingsNone / PaintedPainted / CoatedPainted / Coated
Life Expectancy15-20 Years25 – 40 Years35 – 50 Years or Longer
Existing ShinglesRemainRemain / RemoveRemain / Remove
Existing Underlayment$20 – $150$20 – $250Included
Roof Features and ConstructionSimple RoofAverageAverage / Difficult
Installed ByDIY / ProProPro
Permits and/or Inspection$0 – $250$0 – $250$0 – $250

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