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How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

With that in mind, a metal roof will always be more expensive than shingles. … For example, an architectural shingle roof (the most commonly used shingle) will cost around $4.76 per square foot, while a standing seam metal roof will cost around $15.00 per square foot.

Is a metal roof better than a shingle roof?

While asphalt shingles can withstand fire, metal roofs offer the best resistance. And though it’s commonly believed hail can easily dent a metal roof, that’s a myth. Metal roofs are more efficient at handling common hail impacts than asphalt shingles. Winner: Metal roofing.

Is it OK to put a metal roof over shingles?

In almost every case, the answer is yes, you can lay down a new metal roof over an existing shingle roof. This is one of the many reasons metal roofs keep growing in popularity – their installation doesn’t require completely tearing off the existing roof, which is a time-consuming and expensive job.

Metal Roof Cost: How to Calculate the Cost of a Metal Roof



You may know the size of your home, and you may even know the square footage of your roof—but calculating the cost of a metal roof is a little more complicated. Roofing prices change with the demand for materials and the cost of acquiring them, and labor costs vary regionally and seasonally. As a base calculator, use the following formula:

**  Materials + Labor and Installation in My Area + Overhead = Total Cost of Metal Roofing Near Me

Each of these three components should make up one-third of your project cost.

As you begin calculating, keep in mind that roofers use a unique unit of measure called a roofing square to calculate material prices, equivalent to 100 square feet (a 10-foot by 10-foot square). This calculation will itemize the total material cost for that section, so the number of squares needed to cover your roof will drive the rest of the expenses. To accurately estimate, plan on over-ordering material by 5 to 20 percent to account for waste on cuts and any pattern matching. Labor costs will vary, so plan to collect multiple estimates with itemized cost lists before you choose. Overhead will include costs such as shipping, tools, permits, and insurance.

We can now apply the same premise to metal roofing panels with a better understanding of life cycle costs. The table below highlights that life cycle costs are a game-changer in any cost comparison between shingle and metal roofing.


3 Tab Asphalt

Architectural Shingle

Metal Roof Exposed Fastened

Metal Roof Standing Seam

Life Expectancy

12 years

15 years

50-60 years

50-60 years

Initial Roof Cost Total





Tear Off Cost @ year 12-15 (Inflation-Adjusted @ 2% annually)





New Roof at Year 12-15 (Inflation-Adjusted @ 2% annually)





Total roofing cost at year 16





Do metal roofs rust?

Rust Resistant Roofing

Metal does rust – as do old roofs made of tin, aluminum, and steel. With the right protective coating, a metal roof can fight against oxidation and the formation of rust.

What is the cheapest metal roofing?

Corrugated metal roofing is the cheapest metal roofing. This type of roofing is typically made from galvanized steel, which is the most common steel roofing type. Corrugated metal roofing costs between $1.80 and $2.50 per square foot.

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