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What is Sky Measure?

SkyMeasure is a property measurement service created by roofing experts for roofing experts that provides a new level of accuracy, simplicity and affordability. Know your measurements before you arrive and gain the confidence you need to expedite critical projects without ever having to set foot on a roof.

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The new report insights includes:

  • Length measurement diagram
  • Facet table with area and pitch of each roof facet
  • Waste factor table with 0%, 10%, 12%, 15%, 17% and 20%
  • Structure information such as number of stories, year built, and total living area
  • Property information including parcel number, assessed values and sales price
  • Date of last hail event greater than 1.5 inches and last wind event greater than 55 mph
  • Hazard risk ratings including wind speed zones for properties located in Florida
  • Generic material list based on roof measurements
  • Above images of the property
  • Oblique images of the roof (north, south, east and west) 
  • Multi-structure summary which breaks down the measurements for each structure individual (i.e. house and detached garage)

Wall Reports from SkyMeasure now allow claims adjusters to easily understand the scope of a claim and insure that repair and replacement quotes are reasonable before authorizing work. With unsurpassed access to multiple sources of high quality, high resolution imagery and rapid delivery of reports, SkyMeasure insures that your claims and processed more accurately and quickly.

Gone are the days of waiting for an inspector or adjuster to visit a property or waste time with an on-site inspection. Improve your overall claims response and processing time to increase policy holder satisfaction with Sky Measure.

What is a roof measurement?

Roof measurements are then used to quote any roofing job and completely eliminate the need to re-measure. For contractors, this means all members of your team (sales, production, installation, etc.) and the homeowner can be on the same page when it comes to the roofing job.

How do you measure the pitch of a roof?

Measuring Your Roof from the Ground Find the length and width of the building’s exterior walls. Stretch your tape measure along the walls from end to end in both directions. Calculate the pitch of the roof. The pitch is the steepness of the roof. Use a pitch multiplier table to determine what figure to use.

What kind of skylights to use on flat roof?

Dome skylights can be used on flat roof systems. Straddle skylights: These roof skylights are two-pitched and placed to straddle the peak of the roof. They are almost always deck-mounted to achieve their unique look.
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