10 Reasons to Use Roofing Technology

10 Reasons to Use Roofing Technology

Many explain how to use computing systems to measure the roof of a home. But in this article, I’d like to focus on the benefits of 3D reports from Sky Roof Measure with the accurate data measuring the roof blocks and tilting any property from the comfort of your couch. So here are 10 main reasons on why to choose the Sky Roof Measure:

1. Save time

Time is essential for anyone in the industry. When you can reduce “busy work,” there’s more time to do important things as well! If a contractor can eliminate trips to the job site, and time up and downstairs, they can gain an advantage over the competition. Sky Roof Measure gives you aerial or satellite views, bird views, and street images to take measurements of the house remotely. Now, you can spend more quality time where it’s best in front of the owners.

2. Save money

Anyone who has purchased ceiling reports can relate to this… measurements for an average-sized home could be worth $35–55 or more! By measuring the squares of the ceiling yourself using the ceiling measurement software, you can make a return on an investment after only 2 or 3 measurements using the application. But, with Sky Roof Measure, you have a 20% reduction starting at $25, on the number of measures you can do. Along with the potential savings in the cost of fuel by requiring fewer trips to the job site, and savings in labor costs required to mediate the ceiling.

3. Avoid responsibilities

Of the 10 riskiest jobs, being a roofer occupies the dubious number 6. Falls, possible electric shocks, and injuries from unknown dangers… anything can happen, especially when the ceiling is not in good condition. (That’s why you’re there, isn’t it?) A large part of accidents have been shown to occur while ceiling measurements are being performed, as this is a quick task to prepare for roof estimation. Sometimes measurements are made without all the usual safety devices. Now you no longer need to climb a roof to physically measure it. With Sky Roof Measure in action, you can greatly prevent incidents of wounds at work.

4. Achieve accurate in-ceiling measurements

Accurate roof measurements from satellite drone images are guaranteed when incorporated Sky Roof Measure. Manual measurements may be inaccurate due to unintentional exclusions of small sections of the ceiling, tilt calculation errors, no measurement verification, or simply an incorrectly written means. Sky Roof Measure reports are human error free and provide the most accurate ceiling reports possible.

5. Learn more perspectives

With 3D reports provided within hours, you can increase the number of offers that can be produced. Saving your time, you’ll have more opportunities to meet new customers. Our high resolution up-to-date aerial imagery makes it easy for your customers to understand.

6. Proactively market your services

Imagine, while you’re working on a roofing project, the next-door neighbor comes and asks for a quote. Instead of telling him to come later or in the next few days, you can start taking steps from the house while the neighbor is by his side. With Sky Roof Measure reports, you can have a proactive approach by getting ceiling measurements from satellite images of any home in the neighborhood. Then, when you meet again with the property owner, you’re ready to explain the cost and even show him a simulated finished ceiling product in a digital image of his home. That’s being effective!

7. Ease of learning

The great thing about a well-designed digital roof measurement solution, such as Sky Roof Measure, is that it’s very easy to do things that were previously difficult or impossible to do. All you do is place an order and the rest is taken care of by us. Our 3D reports, though condensed and detailed, are easy to understand.

8. Innovation at your fingertips

A well-designed report can let you make the best impression on your customers. Including historical data and high-resolution imagery. 

Sky Roof Measure is revolutionizing the way you can do the job too! In addition, images and satellite technology are always updated.

9. Fast, accurate and with great financial savings

Sky Roof Measure offers High resolution of the map base, detailed 3D model, with an absolutely accurate overview of cubatures, material transfers, as well as the pasportization of areas whenever and wherever you need to be. Fast, accurate, and with great financial savings.

10. From any place at any angle.

With the help of Sky Roof Measure, you get easy, quick, and especially detailed reports to monitor the condition of unavailable places without the need to expose people to direct risks, such as high-rise work. This advantage greatly simplifies work and working practices mainly in industry.

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