How are blueprints measured? Unroll the blueprint onto a flat surface. ... Find the scale of the drawing. ... Choose a scaled ruler that accurately matches the scale of the drawing. ... Lay the proper scale next to the item on the drawing and take the measurement.

Aerial Reports: Satellite Roof Measurement Services

Praised by customers for its attention to detail, the commercial reports provide customers with superior protrusion information, as well as full parapet measurements that depict width, height, and length in addition to area. Commercial Roof Reports apply to all structures with 3 or more dwelling units, or commercial, institutional and industrial structures.

We provide unparalleled property reports at affordable prices. Whether you need measurements of your property or damage estimates, we can help. We’re here to improve safety, reduce adjustment expenses, and deliver more accurate assessments. We’ll provide you with an accurate report in 24-48 hours with a cost estimate and detailed bill of materials.

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Benefits of Paying for Roofing Measurement Reports

As a smaller business, you might not see the value in paying additional fees every month for these measurements, when you already pay qualified sales reps to do the job for you. However, you should consider all of the benefits that measurement companies can provide before you write off the cost as too expensive or unnecessary.

Accurate Measurements Means Accurate Estimates & Contracts:

Roofers who pre-prepare their contract estimates with accurate aerial measurement reports will find that they can reduce human error when it comes to calculating material costs that impact the final contract amount.

By knowing your exact measurements ahead of time, you can accurately order the materials you need, and not waste time with miscalculations. Additionally, by completing contracts within a CRM like AccuLynx, you can be sure that there is no miscommunication when it comes to shingle color, or the number of nails you ordered.

Roofing companies without a reliable software system to facilitate communication between office teams, field staff and managers are at risk to to let leads slip through, not come pre-prepared to a home visit, and not follow-up with homeowners in a timely manner. This disorganization can potentially lose you the business to another more organized roofer.

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