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In most cases, satellite and aerial roof measurement technology is 99% accurate, if you follow a few simple rules. Achieving accurate roof measurements manually isn’t any different. A manual roof takeoff by one roofer can easily vary from that of another.
How do you calculate roof area on plan? To find your roof’s total square footage: Measure the length and width of each plane on the roof (including dormers) then multiply length times width.
Click the ruler icon on the left side of your screen. Switch the unit of measurement to feet. Click on a starting and stopping point, and you’ll get an estimated measure of distance. Start logging in your measurements.
Multiply your house length by your house width to get the area. (For example, 40 feet x 30 feet = 1,200 square feet.) Next, multiply the area by your roof’s pitch. (1,200 x 1.05 = 1,260 square feet.)
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Premium Roof reports

Our premium Roof reports is a multi-use format that can be applied for sales presentations, bills of materials, and insurance claims, among other things. Our premium reports are very comprehensive and appropriate as well. They come with 3 D breakdown of roof planes. Both residential and commercial regions are included. The reports consist of blue prints, imagery take off, and Xactimate estimates too. We employ XML integrations with CRM application tools. In fact, our roofing measurements have been proven accurate to within 2%-5% and fastest report delivery compare to other Aerial Roof Measurement Companies.

Blueprint report

A blueprint is a two-dimensional compilation of drawings that shows how an architect intends a project to appear. Blueprints usually detail a structure’s measurements, construction materials, and the precise positioning of all of its elements. Blueprints are architectural designs that depict how a structure should be built, what materials should be used, and where amenities such as doors, windows, sinks, and appliances should be placed. So, whenever you plan to build a house or a building, you will need blueprints.

Blueprint Reports are available at reasonable cost as Premium Reports. PDF,ESX, and XML are the formats that are available. Our blue prints consist of title sheet, site plans, floor plans, detail images, sections and elevations, structural drawings, mechanical, electrical and plumbing and line types.

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