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Aerial Roof Measurement Reports And Pricing


To calculate your roof area, simply multiply your roof length by your roof slope height, and multiply this by two. This should give you the total area of your roof, not accounting for a chimney or other sections of your roof not covered by tiles.

Satellite Roof Measurements: Features of a Roof Report

  • Accurate Roof Pitch Measurements
  • Roof Measurements including Area, Rakes, Ridges, Hips and Valleys, and every edge is separately measured and identified.
  • CAD style drawings with colored lines identifying every type of roof edge
  • Online access to your Roof Reports for your Employees, Subs and Suppliers with no software to install
  • Multiple image providers for over 98% coverage of the USA & Canada
  • Also supports file formats such as XML,RXF,DXF/DWG AND WRL

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Report Benefits: Quick, Accurate, Easy, Cost Effective


  • * Eliminates time wasted traveling to and from sites.
    * Increases measurement accuracy.
    * Eliminates safety risks of roof climbing.
    * Eliminates delays due to bad weather.
    * Fast report delivery.


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