ESX roof measurements

Sky Roof Measure is proud to offer Aerial Roof  Measurement Services to the construction industry. We use the latest in technology and highest quality aerial and satellite images to create our roofing  measurements into an Xactimate or Symbility Sketch. Using these images together with our web based software, we are able to create a roof take-off that is just as accurate as on-site measurements. In fact, our roofing measurements have been proven accurate to within 2% – 5% and fastest report delivery compared to other Aerial Roof  Measurement Companies.

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Accurate & Consistent

Accuracy Is The Key To Success. No Other Words Can Explain The Importance. Our Aerial Roof Measurement Reports Are Prepared By Trained CAD Technicians Followed By A 3 Step Verification Process By A Quality Assurance Professional, Certifying Absolute Data Accuracy On Every Report We Deliver.


  • Cost-effective detailed aerial roof measurement reports with 96% or greater accuracy.

  • Professional, detailed, and accurate roof measurements delivered in a few hours or less.

  • Industry’s first “text-me-SquaresTakeoff™” in minutes options for preliminary Roof Squares and Predominant Pitch information. 

  • Sign up for our lucrative Membership plans and get even further discounts on already low prices.

Generate Accurate Roof Reports with the Click of a Button

Once your team has captured the aerial imagery, creating a roof report is just a few clicks away. Each roof report provides accurate square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope. And you can rest easy knowing all the measurements are 99.4% accurate. Once your roof report is ready, download a PDF copy or export a DXF output compatible with your existing tools.

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