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Aerial Estimator – Aerial Roof Measurements

We know that using a drone as part of your Aerial roofing estimation can really enhance your calculations and present a professional looking estimate to your Roofing customer. Our aerial Roofing software Will also use free images from Google to help you create an Aerial roof sketch report in a PDF format that you can use for all of your customers at no cost.

But what happens when a satellite image is obscured by bad weather or leafy trees?  What if the image is not quite clear and you can’t decipher a hip from a valley? Enter Sky Roof Measure! It’s a solution using high-resolution aerial imagery.  So, you can perform remote roof measurements with unencumbered ease… no need to drive to the property and climb a ladder. Sky Roof Measure uses imagery taken from specially equipped aircraft which, to-date, have surveyed approximately 70% of the United States. Sky Roof Measure is currently the only roofing software that integrates multi-season, high-resolution aerial imagery into a do-it-yourself roof measurement solution. With Sky Roof Measure installed on an iPad or Android tablet, Sky Roof Measure images can be selected by month for most any property.

How Accurate Are Online Roofing Estimators and Tools?

Technology has transformed the roofing industry in the last five years. Roofing apps help contractors to:

  • Make accurate measurements
  • Generate more complete estimates
  • Schedule more appointments
  • Sell more jobs

There are many variables that impact the accuracy of mobile roof measuring and estimating software. However, recent developments and innovations have reduced the impact of these variables.

As with most technology, you must invest time in training your team in order to get the best results from the software. If your team is not properly trained, the results could be misleading or even incorrect. Everyone should understand the benefits of the software and know how to use it properly.

For a roofing estimator, a sales process that includes damage detection will typically look like this:

  1. Estimator gathers aerial imagery using an automated drone powered by drone inspection software.
  2. All images are transferred into an app, where AI tools find and highlight damage automatically.
  3. Estimator reviews highlighted damage inside the app, double checks damage points, and adds relevant imagery to reports with a few clicks.
  4. Using a 3D model and dynamic measurements, the estimator prepares an estimate including damage imagery and cost information.
  5. Estimator delivers a thorough package of information, costs, and imagery to the property owner or carrier.

The results are real. Not only are roofing companies saving time using automated damage detection, many insurance carriers are using damage detection internally to settle roof damage claims.

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