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Drone Roof Measurement Software

Drones are one of the hottest topics in the roofing industry today. The idea of using a high-tech flying camera to reduce your time spent on dangerous roofs is too tempting to ignore.

Why buy a drone for your roofing company?

  • Inspect difficult to access roof sections & reduce time spent in the “danger zone”
  • Create detailed aerial measurement reports
  • Create professional quality footage of your projects that you can use later in your marketing material
  • Make a lasting impression on your customers & close more sales
  • Have fun at work & trick everyone into thinking you are a serious professional and not a big kid with a new toy.

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Drone Roof Measurements

The rising popularity of drones in the roofing industry is no accident. Professional contractors everywhere are seeing the advantages of merging technology with their toolbox; allowing increased safety, higher accuracy, less headaches, and the type of modern presentation clients now expect. Simply put, combining high-resolution drone imagery with a powerful roof measurement application means more sales. The days of spending 30+ minutes on a roof to calculate measurements – only to lose the bid – are becoming a thing of the past.

Roof inspection may sound like a mundane job, but it can be a pretty lucrative venture for a drone pilot. Drones can totally change up the way that roof inspection jobs are done. They’re safer, more efficient, and require much less equipment. Best of all, there’s potential for you to come up with much more detailed inspection reports and 3D models when you use drones.

To produce results of professional quality, you’ll need a combination of the right drone and a good roof inspection software. There are a host of them out there – roof top inspection isn’t the most technically demanding use of drones, after all.

Drones eliminate the need for using a ladder, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Using a drone is also a more cost-effective method to obtain information, which can help you create efficient roofing solutions. It is also three times faster than a traditional roofing inspection. 


The drones can save inspection costs in many ways. It cuts down on equipment requirement, labor and time. By eliminating the need to use ladders and other heavy climbing and access equipment, it reduces the need to purchase or hire them as well as the risks. Consequently, this eliminates the need to insure the workers and the equipment.

A manual method would take hours or days to plan, prepare and collect the data from a roof. On the other hand, a drone can do the same and even better in less than one hour at lower costs, and reduced safety and health risks.


Drone-based roof inspections are more safe, faster and cheaper. Also, they enable the inspectors to collect a wide range of data which is also more accurate. Usually, the traditional manual methods have several limitations and companies may avoid them due to the high costs, more risks, and time-consuming inspections.

On the other hand, the drones provide cost-effective assessments that are also faster, hence enabling the organizations to carry out more inspections.

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