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The good news is there is a way to measure your roof in a safe and accurate way, all from the comfort of your home: use Google Earth. With just a few clicks, you can search for any address, get a bird’s eye view of your roof, and get the roofing measurements that you need.
To do this, measure the length and width of each plane on the roof, including dormers. Then, multiply length x width to get the square footage of each plane. Finally, calculate your roof’s total square footage by simply adding the square footage of each of the planes together.

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How many shingles do i need for a 12×12 shed:- for a 12×12 shed roof, you will need approximately 3 squares or 9 bundles or 261 pieces of three tab strip standard-sized shingles (12 inch by 36 inch) when overhangs is 1 feet and roof slope is 6/12.
How many bundles of shingles do i need for 1200 square feet:- for 1200 square feet or 12 squares roof, you will need approximately 36 bundles of standard size 3-tab shingles (12×3 = 36 bundles). Thus, for a 1200 square foot gable roof, you would need 36 bundles of shingles plus 10% of ridge, starter and wastages.

Cost of Shingles

Prices are based on a cost of around $30 to $35 per bundle of asphalt three-tab shingles or about $90 to $100 per square

By saying this, you might already realize that the difference between a 30-year shingle and a 50-year one is how long the product is guaranteed to last. In other words, 30-year architectural shingles are covered by the manufacturer from any unforeseen defects that could occur once the shingles are installed.

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