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Aerial Roof

Sky Roof Measure provides accurate 3D satellite roof measurements, aerial roof measurements, roofing reports for U.S. Canada roofers companies, insurance adjusters, and more.

Clear Benefits

  • High-Resolution overhead imagery
  • Option to measure from images by season/month 
  • 70% of all U.S. properties captured
  • Seamlessly integrated into roof measurement software
  • Frequently updated image database
  • Alternative when satellite imagery is obscured
  • Enhances roof inspection reports for insurance purposes
  • No need to purchase 3rd-party roof measurement reports

Progressive roofing companies often use a blend of technologies these days. They might combine their standard practices with aerial measurement services to captures aerial views from 15°-45° (a.k.a., “oblique”) angles and top-down (or “orthogonal”) perspectives. Or they might purchase roof-measurement reports or decide to deploy deploys drones to provide visual information.

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All that is fine—provided the roof of your target customer isn’t obscured by trees, limiting your prospecting to a relatively small area and resulting in inaccurate measurements. As you might imagine, many reports are not based on leaf-off imagery, the best satellite maps lack detail, and drones are typically flown on demand, regardless of foliage conditions.

Unfortunately, roofers have tight windows of opportunity to operate. They can become busiest right after a hurricane, a tornado, a hailstorm, or heavy snow coupled with high winds. Your lines may be flooded with calls from damage-sustaining households across a wide area. Even in good conditions, roofing companies are required to continuously prospect, estimate and quote with detailed measurements as they compete for business, one street and neighborhood after another.

In a highly competitive business, roofers need every edge they can get. Prospective customers want accurate repair quotes—and they want them quickly. So why wouldn’t you choose a tool that can give them both and, at the same time, enable you to accelerate your business?

High-resolution aerial imagery, captured multiple times per year offering leaf-on and leaf-off views, gives roofers exceptional perspective and a distinct advantage over many competitors. If that information can be instantly accessed from any laptop, mobile or connected device, all the better.


Measuring Steep Roofs

A-frame roofs and even gable roofs can be relatively steep. Measuring a very steep roof involves different computing techniques. To measure steep roofs, the roof length needs to be calculated first. Then external walls are computed plus the overhang for the length of the residence lateral to the ridge. After that, a cable is lobbed over the ridge to identify it on each eave of the steep roof. This allows you to tally the overall width dimension to use in estimating area. This is done on each roof section that has a horizontal ridge.

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What Tools Are Needed to Measure A Roof?

The tools needed to measure a roof are relatively simple and straightforward. Generally, all one needs to measure a roof are the following:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Ladder
  • Calculator
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
  • Level

If you have those tools on hand, you should be able to discern a crude estimate of your roof’s square footage, pitch, and overall slope.

Should I Measure My Own Roof?

While you can try to measure a roof on your own, it is a job best left up to a quality roofing team who knows what they’re doing. Not only will they quickly and accurately measure your roof with ease, but they can do so safely. Safety is paramount in Northern Florida where weather and conditions can quickly take a turn. Measuring your own roof if you lack experience could lead to additional costs if you underestimate or overestimate the number of materials needed to complete the work.

Measure a roof safely

Without the proper training and equipment, it isn’t recommended for homeowners to climb on their roofs.  If you want to get the project started yourself, opt for the safer alternative that will save you time and keep you safe by ordering an aerial roof measurement report.   


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