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Measuring Your Roof with Google Earth: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Accurately Estimate Roof Size for Roofing Projects

Measuring your roof’s square photos is vital for obtaining specific Roofing fees and ensuring you purchase the appropriate materials. Here’s a step-by-step guide to measuring your roof and using Google Earth and other gear.

Roofing Quote Footage vs. Home Square Footage

Roofing Quote Footage: This is the entire region that needs to be included with Roofing substances, all roof surfaces, and capabilities like dormers or skylights.

Home Square Footage : refers to the total living area inside your home, not the Roofing area.

Measuring the Roof’s Pitch

The pitch or slope of your roof affects the amount of fabric you wish to use. 

Here’s a way to measure it:

Tools Required: Level, tape degree, pencil.


  • Position the Level: Place the extent horizontally on a roof rafter.

  • Mark 12 Inches: On the extent, mark off 12 inches.

  • Measure Vertically: Measure vertically from the 12-inch mark on the level up to the bottom of the rafter. This vertical dimension is the rise.

  • Calculate Pitch: The rise over the run (12 inches) expresses the roof pitch. For instance, a four-inch upward thrust over 12 inches is a 4/12 pitch.

Considerations for Different Roof Pitches

Roofs regularly have various pitches, particularly around features like porches or dormer windows.

  • Measure and notice each specific pitch to ensure accurate surface location calculations.

  • Using Google Earth for Roof Measurement

Google Earth can help estimate roof regions. 

Here’s how:


  • Open Google Earth: Navigate to your own home.

  • Zoom In: Get a clear view of your roof.

  • Outline the Roof: Use the polygon tool to define the roof’s perimeter at factors in which the elevation is regular.

  • Avoid Peaks: Do now not outline along the peak of the roof, as angled satellite snapshots can distort measurements.


  • Image Angle: Aerial Roof Measurements may be angled, introducing errors. Aim for overhead perspectives when possible.

  • Complex Roofs: For roofs with multiple degrees or capabilities, degree each phase one by one.

Limitations of Google Earth

  • Accuracy: Google Earth provides a reasonable rough estimate but is not 100% accurate. Use it as a starting point, not the sole method for critical decisions.

  • Verification: Always verify measurements with manual techniques or expert equipment for unique estimates.

Final Steps

  • Combine Measurements: Integrate all the exceptional sections measured, accounting for pitch versions.

  • Calculate Total Area: Convert all measurements into rectangular pictures. Remember to add more for waste and overlap, generally around 10%.

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