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3D Aerial Measurements Reports – Apps for Aerial Roof Measurement

The Roof Measurement Report provides a detailed analysis of your roof layout and all the critical dimensions. Our full color report provides the detailed lengths, pitch and areas of every surface plane and edge. This report saves your time and enables accurate roof estimates for a roof repair or replacement.

Skyroofmeasure is proud to offer Aerial Roof Measurement services to the roofing industry. We use the latest in technology and highest quality aerial and satellite images to create our roofing measurements. Using these images together with our web based software, we are able to create a roof take-off that is just as accurate as on-site measurements. In fact, our roofing measurements have been proven accurate to within 3% – 4% and fastest report delivery compare to other Aerial Roof Measurement Companies.

Measure the length and width of each plane on the roof, including dormers. Then, multiply length x width to get the square footage of each plane. Then add the square footage of each of the planes together to derive the total square footage of your roof. For example, this shed roof has one roof plane.

Save Time & Cover More Ground with Aerial Measurement Reports

Deliver Estimates Faster

After a big storm, you want to be as prepared as possible for an influx of work. Customers are eager to have their homes repaired. The faster you can provide an estimate, the faster work can get started. But even a simple roof can take around 30 minutes to measure. Ordering a roofing measurement report through Skyroofmeasure, on the other hand, takes only a few seconds, which means your field sales teams can provide estimates to more homes.

Eliminate Errors

Measuring a roof for shingles is an error-prone process that often results in miscalculations. Aerial measurement reports eliminate manual errors so you can be assured you have accurate numbers from the very start. Reduce material shortages and overages once and for all, resulting in money savings for your roofing business.

Satellite Roof Measurements: Features of a Roof Report

  • Accurate Roof Pitch Measurements
  • Roof Measurements including AreaRakesRidgesHips and Valleys, and every edge is separately measured and identified.
  • CAD style drawings with colored lines identifying every type of roof edge
  • Online access to your Roof Reports for your Employees, Subs and Suppliers with no software to install
  • Multiple image providers for over 98% coverage of the USA & Canada
  • Also supports file formats such as XML,RXF,DXF/DWG AND WRL

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