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What are Satellite Roof Measurements?

Satellite Roof Measurement are measurements taken from an aerial view of your home. The measurements are then calculated with software. You can actually do this on google maps with the aerial view of the house. There is even a measuring tool that can tell you how many feet by how many feet the roof is.

If the house is not actually square then you have to add each section together. Many roofers add 10 % of the whole measurement to make sure they have enough materials. This helps if you are going to the home improvement store and have to know how many shingles you need.

Knowing the measurement helps you know how much of the other materials you need as well. Most materials for roofs are broken down by square footage. This way you will not end up buying too little or way too much. It always good to buy a little extra.

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Roofing reports

Sample Residential Tile Roof Report 

Estimating your Roof Size: Please use this guide to estimate your actual roof area. Your garage and patio also need to be added to estimate the actual roof area. COMMONLY, your net roof area is about 25% greater than your living square footage.


Pitch (Slope) of Roof: This is the rise/run in feet. The larger the slope, the greater your actual roof area.

 Pitch (slope) Roof Angle Area % Increase
 2/12   9.46  degrees 1.02
 3/12 14.04 1.04
 4/12 18.43 1.06
 5/12 22.62 1.08
 6/12 26.57 1.12
 7/12 30.26 1.16
 8/12 33.69 1.20
 9/12 36.87 1.25
 10/12 39.81 1.30
 11/12 42.51 1.36
 12/12 45.00 1.42

Calculate the Surface Area of the Roof

You’ll notice as an area is drawn the area and perimeter results are displayed in the bottom right corner. With a single pitch roof you’ll have only one area result that relates to the entire footprint or perimeter of the roof. Both metric and imperial measurement systems are displayed in a popup menu over the results area.

Take your area result and multiply it by the pitch multiplier (or slope correction factor) found in the table above to arrive at the roof’s surface area. Now you’re ready to price out the materials.

For multi-pitched roofs simply add the areas of all common pitches together by toggling layer visibility from the summed layer (identified by the ‘eye’ symbol) at the left of the layers control.

satellite roof estimate

Rooftop Measurements, Aerial and Satellite Roof Measurements

We offer three report types!

All reports include:

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Why Getting Detailed Roof Measurements is Important & Helpful

Getting detailed and accurate rooftop measurements is important for a variety of applications. Perhaps you work for a construction firm. You may need detailed diagrams of the roof with accurate measurements of the ridges, valleys, hips, eaves, and a clear visual understanding of where vent pipes and chimneys are located on the roof. 

You could also be performing a rooftop inspection and need to properly assess a damaged area for an accurate estimate for repair. Or perhaps you need to calculate the area of your roof to estimate the cost of getting it re-shingled or get a quote for a solar panel installation.

24117 dronegenuity san antonio tx

Drones present a unique opportunity for getting a clear view of your rooftop and allowing you to get precise roof measurements. A variety of roof measuring applications and programs already take advantage of high-resolution drone imagery to get accurate roof measurements.

Digital Roof Measurement Tool

✓ Create accurate, professional roof reports in minutes
✓ Unlimited reports from Satellite, Aerial, Drone & Blueprints
✓ Determine precise roof pitch from a street view photo
✓ Free Training & Software Support

roof blueprint

From twisted tape measures to inconsistent endpoint selection, to inaccessible edges, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy and consistency within a set of rooftop measurements.

But where human ability falls short, machine learning now picks up the slack. Solutions like Roof Report use the latest advances in drone mapping technology to take accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope in a matter of minutes. And rigorous tests have shown these measurements to be consistently 99.5% accurate.

No more worrying about inaccurate data or having to return to a site to gather missed information. The solution uses a set protocol for selecting endpoints, so measurements are complete and consistent throughout an entire project.

How to Measure Roof Slope from On the Roof

To use the direct roof slope measurement procedure, in addition to safe access to a roof that won’t be damaged by touching or walking on it, you need: a tape measure and a carpenter’s level. This procedure to measure roof slope can be performed on the roof or from a ladder at roof edge. 

  • Hold the carpenter’s level in a horizontal position with one end touching the roof surface.
  • Measure out 12″ along the level bottom edge – the green line in our sketch. Mark this point on the leve.
  • Measure straight down to the roof surface from the mark you just made – the blue line in our sketch.
  • Read that distance in inches. The result is inches of rise per foot of run.
Aerial measurement

Aerial View Roof Measurements

Our aerial roof measurement reports are drafted by expert CAD technicians and reviewed by a quality assurance professional, certifying absolute data accuracy on every report. Precision is paramount at SkyRoofMeasure, and that’s how we guarantee a 95% or better accuracy rate on every plane, eave, rake, ridge, hip and valley.


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Our aerial roof measurement reports are comprehensive, easy to use, and include all information you’ll ever need. Be confident in your bids, and submit estimates that align to your bottom line.

What is aerial estimation?

Aerial Estimation is the most complete source for all your Satellite Roof Measurements. We know what contractors want. Roof Measurements including Area, Rakes, Ridges, Hips and Valleys, and every edge is separately measured and identified. Online access to your Roof Reports for your Employees, Subs and Suppliers with no software to install.

What are satellite roof measurements?

Satellite Roof Measurements: Features of a Roof Report Accurate Roof Pitch Measurements Roof Measurements including Area, Rakes, Ridges, Hips and Valleys, and every edge is separately measured and identified. CAD style drawings with colored lines identifying every type of roof edge.
roof blueprint

Eliminate Errors

Measuring a roof for shingles is an error-prone process that often results in miscalculations. Aerial measurement reports eliminate manual errors so you can be assured you have accurate numbers from the very start. Eliminate material shortages and overages once and for all, resulting in money savings for your roofing business.

Estimating your Roof Size: Please use this guide to estimate your actual roof area. Your garage and patio also need to be added to estimate the actual roof area. COMMONLY, your net roof area is about 25% greater than your living square footage.

Pitch (Slope) of Roof: This is the rise/run in feet. The larger the slope, the greater your actual roof area.

 Pitch (slope) Roof Angle Area % Increase
 2/12   9.46  degrees 1.02
 3/12 14.04 1.04
 4/12 18.43 1.06
 5/12 22.62 1.08
 6/12 26.57 1.12
 7/12 30.26 1.16
 8/12 33.69 1.20
 9/12 36.87 1.25
 10/12 39.81 1.30
 11/12 42.51 1.36
 12/12 45.00 1.42

Sky Roof Measure

Roofing Materials

The purpose of calculating the precise measurements of a roof is to ensure that the appropriate amount of roofing materials are ordered – whether you have a shingles roof, gable roof or metal roof. Here are some common roofing materials and considerations for each:


Shingles are typically sold in bundles. Depending on the type and brand of shingle, it may take a different number of bundles to make a square. When cost comparing shingles, remember to base price on squares and not on bundles.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is typically sold by the sheet or panel. To determine the number of sheets or panels necessary to cover the roof, divide the width of the roof by the sheet or panel coverage width.

Other Roofing Materials

The basic square footage and length calculations detailed above should help estimate overall cost for other materials. Additional roofing materials that should be accounted for include items such as leak barrier, deck protection, drip edge, rake edge, ridge vents, and hip and ridge caps.

Blueprint takeoff

Why satellite roof measurements are the most accurate

We use satellite technology to generate your estimate automatically, empowering you with exact measurements that you can then use to choose materials without wasting money.

If you use a contractor, they’ll charge you to take the measurements then inflate prices on materials. So, you pay for the measurements and then you pay MORE for the materials.

Satellite and aerial overhead images can conceal parts of the roof. It’s no problem. By knowing how to identify overhangs and sketch cleanly through tree-obstructed areas, accuracy is assured. Sometimes roofs can pose some complex measurement challenges. When it comes to measuring complicated roofs, roof measurement software is the way to go. What could take you a whole day for a roof takeoff, still only takes minutes when using satellite and aerial imagery properly. Sky Roof Measure toolbox has features specifically designed to measure under overhangs and obstructions.  Don’t worry. It’s easy to compensate for complex roof parts, as long as you learn how and practice!

Satellite roof measurements

Aerial roof measurements were cause for celebration for contractors when they became available years ago. Simply having an aerial point of view made estimating and bidding more accurate than it had ever been before. Most companies had long understood that it was necessary to “expect the unexpected” and continued to craft bids accordingly–leaving plenty of wiggle room in the pricing and schedule. That ambiguity was once necessary to protect everyone involved, but it was also an ongoing source of frustration for both homeowners and contractors. With advancements in today’s technology, it’s now possible to achieve a greater degree of detail than ever before. Since HOVER uses ground-level imagery, it has visibility to details that just aren’t visible when using aerial imagery. Using ground-level imagery allows HOVER the distinct advantage of being able to account for details like soffits and trim, that are hidden from aerial photography. HOVER can also see under eaves and into nooks and crannies, without being restricted by overhangs or tree canopies.

Aerial imagery is also restricted by angles, resolution, and proximity. Because HOVER takes closer, higher resolution photos from ground level, 360 degrees around a property, this is no longer a concern. In fact, with HOVER, your measurements are on average 25 times more accurate than those extrapolated from aerial photos.

roof blueprint

How To Measure Your Roof Using Google Earth

Each time you add points, the area will update and there is a box below that will convert this into acres, meters, kilometers, miles, and finally, square feet. It will also give you the perimeter of the shape of the roof.

Using this tool will be very helpful for you in finding out the acreage or the tract of land of your property. It will also give you the square footage of your roof and any other areas that you’re wanting to estimate. You can even embed this tool on a website that you own.

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While these tools are very helpful, there are a few variables that you’ll want to know. If you’re in a rural area, you may have to go with the cross streets as the address may not bring up what you’re looking for. In such areas, you may wind up using the GPS coordinates or a landmark to get to where you’re going.

Special precautions must be taken when measuring the area of a roof. The images that appear on google maps are often at a slight angle, which combined with the angle of a roof can cause errors. For this reason it is best to outline the roof at points which are all at the same elevation. On a simple house for instance you would only click on the corners of the roof and not on any points along the peak as that would cause an error. After measuring the area of the footprint you can estimate the actual roof area based on the angle of the roof. Similarly if you using the area calculator tool to measure a roof with multiple levels, you should do the individual section separately. The google maps area calculator is not 100% accurate. Do not rely on this tool as your only resource in making important decisions.

roof report

Without utilizing the proper tools, trying to determine the proper area of a residential or commercial roofing space can be difficult. With various different angles and pitches, it’s nearly impossible…

Satellite roof measurements

How To Calculate Roofing Square Feet ?

How to Calculate Total Square Footage of Your Roof. To find your roof’s total square footageMeasure the length and width of each plane on the roof (including dormers) then multiply length times width. Add the square footage of each of the planes together.

How do you convert square feet into squares of roofing?

Roof surfaces are measured in “squares.” A square is an area of roof which measures 100 square feet. To determine the number of squares on the gable roof above, simply divide its total of 24,000 square feet by 100. The result is 240, and this means you would need 240 squares of shingles to cover that roof.

How many square feet does a square of shingles cover?

100 sq. ft.
A square of shingles is the quantity needed to cover 100 sq. ft. of roof. Shingles are packaged in paper- or plastic-wrapped bundles designed to be light enough for a person to carry, so heavier shingles require more bundles per square.
Government- Roof Estimation

How many bundles of shingles do I need for 1200 square feet?

It is the size of the roof! You need to measure the slope of each side of the roof by the length to come up with the sf of the roof. Most roofing is 4 bundles per 100 sf for dimensionals plus waste of about 20 to 30 per cent or 3 per square for regular shingles.
Convert 1,200 Square Feet to Square Inches
sq ftsq in
satellite roof measurement

How To Figure a Pitch On a Roof ?

The angle, or pitch, of a roof is calculated by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. For example, a roof that rises 6 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run has a 6-in-12 pitch.

What is a 4/12 roof pitch?

A 4/12 is a roof slope that rises by 4 inches for every 12 inches across. This forms an angle of 18.5° between the horizontal section and the roof, and creates a gentle incline that is seen as a midpoint between a low-pitch and medium-pitch roof. A 4/12 slope is enough to accommodate water runoff, but is not suitable for regions that are affected by heavy snowfall. Standard asphalt and composition shingles are the best for a 4/12 roof; rubber and wood shingles are unsuitable.

What roof pitch is 60 degrees?

Roof Angle in Degrees to Rise-in-Run
Convert Roof Slope from Degrees to Rise-in-Run
59°19.971 in 12
60°20.785 in 12
61°21.649 in 12
62°22.569 in 12
Conventional slope roofs, with a pitch between 4/12 and 9/12, are the most common in residential work. Roofs with a pitch exceeding 9/12 (37 degrees) are termed steep slope roofs. In commercial work, low-slope roofs (with a pitch between 2/12 and 4/12) are most common.

Is a higher pitch roof better?

Fewer snow worries: Even without a cold roof system, a steep roof is generally better in a snowy environment (which is why you see those dramatic A-frame homes in colder areas). … Ice melts more easily on a steep slope, preventing the build-up of ice patches or dams that can force moisture down into your roof.

What pitch roof can you walk on?

The roof’s pitch is the angle of the roof, usually presented as the inches of vertical “rise” over 12 inches of horizontal “run.” Generally anything above a 7/12 is considered a non-walkable roof and requires some extra equipment and usually some extra cost to the customer.
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What is the best roof pitch for snow?

Roofs in snowy climates should have a slope of at least a 10-degree pitch minimum. A steeper angled roof sheds the snow more quickly. While the angle of the roof helps shed snow, adding too many angles to the roof for a more aesthetic effect could cause structural problems with snow shedding in the wintertime

What is the minimum roof pitch for metal roof?

The minimum slope for lapped, non-soldered seam metal roofs without applied lap sealant shall be three units vertical in 12 units horizontal (25-percent slope). The minimum slope for lapped, non-soldered seam metal roofs with applied lap sealant shall be one-half unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (4-percent slope)

How do roofers walk on steep roofs?

As you advance toward the top of the roof, take it one slow step a time. Many experienced roofing experts recommend walking sideways, placing both feet together with each step. When it comes time to dismount, remain crouched down just slightly as you descend.
Roofing reports

Aerial Reports

Climbing up on a house to calculate roof square footage by hand every time you prepare an estimate means you can only cover so much ground after a big storm. It takes time to measure every area and input the information into an estimate, setting you back hours a day.

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How to Manually Measure a Roof

To manually measure a roof without the help of aerial measurement reports, you must visit a job site and climb onto the roof to take precise roof measurements by hand.

  1. Measure the width and length of each plane of the roof (including dormers), and then multiply those numbers to get the correct figure for the square footage of that area.
  2. Note any skylights, chimneys or other parts of the roof that would not require materials so you can subtract those measurements from your total area.
  3. Add together the calculated square footage of each surface to get the figure for total square footage of the roof.
  4. After determining the total square footage of the roof, you must calculate the pitch of the roof by measuring the vertical distance (rise) over a 12 inch horizontal segment (run).
  5. Write down these numbers as the vertical measurement listed first and the horizontal measurement recorded second so you can find rise over run.
  6. When you have the total square footage and rise over run of the roof, you can calculate the roof squares to determine how much materials are needed to cover the roof. To calculate the number of squares on a roof, you need to divide its total square feet by 100.

By combining multi-angle aerial images with advanced analytics, our reports provide precise area, pitch, and length measurements. Colour coding distinguishes every detail, from ridges, hips, and valleys to verges, eaves, and flashings. Fast report turnaround saves you time. High-resolution aerial views and 3D diagrams make your tender stand out.

Roof Inspection Report Examples

Researching examples of roof inspection reports can help you develop stronger reports. Look at these reports from the customer’s perspective to envision the essentials as well as what not to include in a report.

What’s included in your Comprehensive Roof Report:

  • Aerial Images from multiple angles of your property: Top, North, South, East and West facing views
  • A detailed Length Diagram showing measurements for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, step flashing and parapets
  • A detailed Pitch Diagram showing pitch values in inches per foot and slope direction
  • A detailed Area Diagram showing the square foot of each roof facet as well as total square feet
  • A two-page roofing terminology guide to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of roofing materials and systems
  • The Metal Roof Outlet’s exclusive 20 page, full-color illustrated residential metal roofing handbook
  • A custom estimate for outfitting your home with a permanent metal roof
  • An in-person consultation at The Metal Roof Outlet explaining the report in detail