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Roofing Satellite Measurement

Satellite Roof Measurement are measurements taken from an aerial view of your home. The measurements are then calculated with software. You can actually do this on google maps with the aerial view of the house. There is even a measuring tool that can tell you how many feet by how many feet the roof is. Follow Us for more details Please. 

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Get your satellite roof measurements now in just a few clicks and save thousands on your next roofing project by using the Uber of roofing! Sky Roof Measure cuts out the middleman and saves you up to 35% on a new roof by linking you directly to high-quality craftsmen and materials WITHOUT paying a construction company to do it for you.

Satellite Roof Measurements: Features of a Roof Report Accurate Roof Pitch Measurements Roof Measurements including Area, Rakes, Ridges, Hips and Valleys, and every edge is separately measured and identified. CAD style drawings with colored lines identifying every type of roof edge.

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What to look for in an aerial roof measurement report?

Our aerial roof measurement reports are comprehensive, easy to use, and include all information you’ll ever need. Be confident in your bids, and submit estimates that align to your bottom line.
Prepare roof measurements and professional estimates from anywhere. Print email and share digital reports with property owners or with your team. Eliminate unnecessary trips to the job site. Spend less time on roofs and more time with customers face-to-face. Impress clients with new roof simulations, roof diagrams and other visuals.
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Save Money

It’s YOUR time, and time is MONEY. Have the advantage of seeing more prospective clients. SAVE TIME by not having to measure or diagram their roof…. Sky Roof Measure can help you become highly efficient; saving you time by acquiring detailed satellite images and converting them to data.

Our drawings and reports include items such as perimeter, drip edge, flashing, valleys, ridges, multiple slope areas, pitch, linear measurements, total squares, recommended waste, etc.

Save Time

Time is money. Why waste it on driving to measure a roof? With Sky Roof Measure , you can instantly capture all the necessary data to close the sale and begin production. Your time is valuable, and we can help you maximize your efforts by allowing you to spend more time on your sales presentation and less time measuring.

With our state-of-the-art technology, you can outperform your competition by simply freeing up time to see more customers. More prospects mean more sales.

Attain professional, colorful, and accurate data for your estimates that will place you in a league of your own. Estimates can be quickly produced regardless of weather, location, distance or circumstances that might ordinarily slow you down.

roof quotes online

Satellite Roof Measurements Free

What are Satellite Roof Measurements?

Satellite Roof Measurement are measurements taken from an aerial view of your home. The measurements are then calculated with software. You can actually do this on google maps with the aerial view of the house. There is even a measuring tool that can tell you how many feet by how many feet the roof is.

If the house is not actually square then you have to add each section together. Many roofers add 10 % of the whole measurement to make sure they have enough materials. This helps if you are going to the home improvement store and have to know how many shingles you need.

Knowing the measurement helps you know how much of the other materials you need as well. Most materials for roofs are broken down by square footage. This way you will not end up buying too little or way too much. It always good to buy a little extra.

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Roofing reports

Sample Residential Tile Roof Report 

Estimating your Roof Size: Please use this guide to estimate your actual roof area. Your garage and patio also need to be added to estimate the actual roof area. COMMONLY, your net roof area is about 25% greater than your living square footage.


Pitch (Slope) of Roof: This is the rise/run in feet. The larger the slope, the greater your actual roof area.

 Pitch (slope) Roof Angle Area % Increase
 2/12   9.46  degrees 1.02
 3/12 14.04 1.04
 4/12 18.43 1.06
 5/12 22.62 1.08
 6/12 26.57 1.12
 7/12 30.26 1.16
 8/12 33.69 1.20
 9/12 36.87 1.25
 10/12 39.81 1.30
 11/12 42.51 1.36
 12/12 45.00 1.42

Calculate the Surface Area of the Roof

You’ll notice as an area is drawn the area and perimeter results are displayed in the bottom right corner. With a single pitch roof you’ll have only one area result that relates to the entire footprint or perimeter of the roof. Both metric and imperial measurement systems are displayed in a popup menu over the results area.

Take your area result and multiply it by the pitch multiplier (or slope correction factor) found in the table above to arrive at the roof’s surface area. Now you’re ready to price out the materials.

For multi-pitched roofs simply add the areas of all common pitches together by toggling layer visibility from the summed layer (identified by the ‘eye’ symbol) at the left of the layers control.

roof quotes online

Satellite Roof Measurements and Estimate

Accurate Satellite Measurements Support Clear Cost Savings

Satellite Roof Reports deliver measurements of your home and its roof based on aerial photos. You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a picture may help you to save thousands of dollars on your roof replacement project. A Satellite Roof Report helps to make sure that you don’t order more materials than you need to complete your project. As a result, you save money.

Satellite Imagery Helps Contractors

Precise, satellite-based roof measurements make your roofing contractor’s job easier, which can equate to cost savings to you. Reputable roofing contractors are busy during certain seasons of the year. Therefore, they can plan their schedules and allocate labor better if they know more information about your project. Our Roofing Calculator tool ensures that a contracting company has the information that it needs to install your roof without employing complex and expensive project management tactics. The calculator uses variables such as roof size, slope, height, condition, and desired material to produce a more accurate cost estimate for you and your roofing contractor.

Get Ready for Contractors

If you are hiring someone to do work on your house, especially contractors, you should do your homework. Another benefit of a satellite roof measurement is that it can give you the upper hand when dealing with contractors.

You can add up the measurements and get an estimate for the cost of materials, labor, and so forth. This will help you know whether a contractor is being fair to you or trying to gouge you for more money than they should. It is always good to be aware of what the cost is of anything you get done by another person.

This way they will not take advantage of you. You can ask the right questions and question their price points. When you find the right contractor who is charging you a fair price, that is the one to go with.

How to Get Your Satellite Roof Measurements

You’re a few simple steps away from your aerial roof measurements (and a better back!):

  • Enter Your Details: Give us your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you.
  • Enter Your Address: Let us know which roof to measure.
  • Leave Notes: Tell us to exclude the garage or anything else we should know before sending your measurements.
  • Confirm Your Address: Hey, we just want to know we’re measuring the right house!

That’s it!

Our aerial roof measurement reports are drafted by expert CAD technicians and reviewed by a quality assurance professional, certifying absolute data accuracy on every report. Precision is paramount at SkyRoofMeasure, and that’s how we guarantee a 95% or better accuracy rate on every plane, eave, rake, ridge, hip and valley. Be confident in your bids, and submit estimates that align to your profit goals.

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Measure Roof Satellite – Fast, Accurate Roof Measurement

We use satellite technology to generate your estimate automatically, empowering you with exact measurements that you can then use to choose materials without wasting money.

If you use a contractor, they’ll charge you to take the measurements then inflate prices on materials. So, you pay for the measurements and then you pay MORE for the materials.

If you use Sky roof Measure, you get instant measurements and a direct line to material suppliers so you can see what materials really cost.

Satellite Roof Measurement

Readily identify prospects, create accurate estimates, and queue your work. After all, the best time to gain competitive advantage is while your competition is idle. Access recent snow-free imagery to locate necessary repair work, confirm roof details, perform accurate aerial roof measurements, and showcase stunning imagery throughout your proposals.

When you deliver winter estimates with analysis of their roof over time, you help customers proactively budget and account for the expense. You’ve lessened the impact of surprise. And best of all, you’re more likely to secure the job. 

Planning also benefits from recent aerial imagery when roof access is limited by winter conditions. Design with confidence, order the correct amount of material for the job, and safely organize roof access and your work plan. You gain efficiencies, and stay one step ahead.

Advantages to Aerial Measurement

There are many considerable advantages to Aerial Measurement.

  • Save time and gas by not having to send an estimator to the job to measure – beneficial for remote jobs where travel is a factor, and for busy salespeople who can then make more calls.
  • Save time, effort, and money by not having to physically measure the roof yourself – a big plus, especially on complex roofs with multiple intersecting roof planes.
  • Gain a professional sales tool to help close more jobs – the pdf report of the job you’re quoting can serve as an excellent sales tool.  Consider the impression left with a homeowner, if you show up to quote their roof with aerial photography of their home and exact measurements – before you’ve even met them or seen their house!  The professional report and inherent technology lend a level of sophistication to your presentation that will surely set you apart from your competition and leave a lasting, favorable impression.
  • Limit liability – you or your employees do not have to scale the roof to obtain measurements.
  • Avoid weather issues – in the Winter, inclement weather may prohibit measuring a roof; this issue is eliminated with aerial measurement, which uses existing photography.

Satellite Roof Measurement


There is an extraordinary method to help manage estimates on the amount it would cost to replace your roof. Satellite Roof Measurements help you effectively know the estimation of your roof. The aerial measurement even accounts for rakes, edges, hips, and valleys for an exact measurement.

For what reason would you need this information about your roof? There are several advantages to having the measurements of your roof. Coming up next are a portion of the advantages of knowing your own satellite roof measurement of your home or business.

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Satellite Roof Measurement is measurements taken from an aerial view on your home. The measurements are then determined with software. You can really do this on Google maps with the aerial view on the house. There is even a measuring tool that can disclose to you what number of feet by what number of feet the roof is.

If the house isn’t in reality square, at that point you need to include each segment together. Numerous roofers include 100% of the entire measurement to ensure they have enough materials. This helps if you are heading off to the home improvement store and need to know what number of shingles you need.

Realizing the measurement causes you know the amount of different materials you need too. Most materials for roofs are separated by area. Along these lines you won’t wind up purchasing close to nothing or an excessive amount of. It is in every case great to purchase some extra.


We utilize satellite technology to create your estimate consequently, engaging you with exact measurements that you would then be able to use to pick materials without wasting money.

If you utilize a contractor, they’ll charge you to take the measurements at that point inflate costs on materials. Along these lines, you pay for the estimations and afterward you pay MORE for the materials.

If you use Sky Roof measures, you get moment estimations and an immediate line to material providers so you can see what materials truly cost.


Aerial roof estimations save you from getting up on a ladder and risk life and limb for a couple of scribbles on a bit of paper, yet there’s a lot more to it than that. This is the BEST and MOST ACCURATE approach to measure your roof.

You’ll Save Hours: No baking in the hot sun the entire day as you fight your roof for positioning. A couple of clicks and you’re finished. Utilize those hours to design your DIY project.

You’re in Control. Not the Contractor: If you pay a contractor to take estimations, they have all the influence. They’ll pick work and materials and make you pay for overhead costs (in addition to more to cushion their pockets).

Get Accurate Measurements AND Estimates in Minutes: Satellites are more exact than the most encountered contractor’s hands. You’ll get EXACT estimations of your roof with no human mistake. We’ll even give an estimate to costs dependent on the normal roofing materials.


In the event that you are recruiting somebody to accomplish deal with your home, particularly contractors, you ought to get your work done. Another advantage of a satellite roof measurement is that it can give you the high ground when managing contractors.

You can include the measurements and get an estimate for the cost of materials, work, etc. This will assist you with knowing whether a contractor is by and large reasonable for you or attempting to gouge you for more cash than they should. It is in every case great to know about what the expense is of anything you complete by someone else.

This way they won’t take advantage of you. You can pose the correct inquiries and inquiry their value focuses. At the point when you locate the correct contractor who is charging you a reasonable value, that is the one to go with.


It’s 100% Safe: Did we notice no stepping stools, estimating tapes, heights, or hot sun? No doubt, this is way more secure!

The less you need to do on a roof the better. It is more secure to measure your roof by the satellite, at that point attempting to draw out a measuring tape. On the off chance that you have ever attempted to measure you roof from down underneath, at that point you realize it very well may be troublesome. Make things simple for yourself and utilize the estimations from the sky.

Utilizing a satellite roof measurement isn’t just enjoyable to do, however it is anything but difficult to do also. Having the measurement of your roof will assist you with being more mindful of what you need when something turns out badly with your roof. You can ascertain the expense of your roof before a temporary worker ever gives you a statement. This encourages you not get exploited.

Investigate making sense of the estimation of you roof through a satellite roof measurement today. You can find support, in the event that you don’t have a clue how to do it.